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10 Things

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this old travel blog, and its partly because I’m tired of thinking and writing about myself. But since I’m not really an expert on anything else, I’ve decided to keep on keeping on.  Here’s 10 things:

1. West Coast living is totally different than any other place I’ve been.

2. We had to start our 4 year old boxer on hip and joint vitamins already.

3. I’ve never been so excited to see another New Orleans’ Saints fan in my life, although they were wearing a Bush jersey and maybe it was just because of the USC connection.

4. I’ve been using the My Fitness Pal free app on my phone to track calories and nutrition info and I love it.

5. We’ve been playing the card game Gin Rummy lately as an excuse to sit at the table and drink wine together.

6.  I just started reading The China Study, and now I want to send a copy to everyone I know.  Even those people who will see it as some type of agenda or manifesto, in the very least it will make you think about your food.

7. My husband has introduced me to Jon Stewart, only in the figurative sense, and I think he’s hilarious!

8. Something about being closer to water has a very uplifting quality for me, so it’s surprising that so many Californians seem so pissed off all the time.

9.  My goal in the next week is to go on a “cheese trail”  tasting in Petaluma, west of Sonoma.

10. We’re in Palo Alto, CA for now until the end of August, space is pretty much booked for visitors and we’re not sure where we are going next. Maybe continue up the Western Coast? Little nervous about November in Washington state!


Cabin Fever

As a Southerner, I am now enjoying a Colorado winter. Snowy days remind me of pretending to be sick in grade school. All morning, you’re just excited that you got away with it and happy to lay on the couch watching morning talk shows. But by noon, you’re over it and bored. That’s how I feel today on a snowy Sunday. We were supposed to go skiing, but the amount of snow predicted will make the roads treacherous for this evening. So, as a newcomer to cabin fever, I have developed a day of indoor activities. Firstly, stretchy pants/PJs are suggested, although not required, and make-up is strongly discouraged, why not let your face breathe a little today?

1. Baking, just Funfetti cookies b/c that’s what I had left over in the pantry. Did not follow high altitude instructions, because I was secretly hoping they would come out terrible so that I wouldn’t eat any-no such luck, they are delicious!

2. Wrestle with the dog, in an effort to get her to stop whining and leave me alone. Also, hid her bone so she had to go find it.

Please excuse her eye boogers, she is taking advantage of being snowed in and letting herself go a little. Here we are watching the snow from the window. Ok, so maybe Kerbey isn’t the only one letting herself go.

3. Catch up on your reading. I plan on downloading Kris Carr’s new book, and Chad’s reading a Dean Koontz book.

4. Yoga Practice. I subscribed for a monthly membership to where I can stream live video or do one from my downloads.

5. Catching up on Grey’s Anatomy on Hulu.

6. Making some phone calls to far away family and friends.

7. Fold up our Saint’s Jerseys for the season :(. Our season is over, but I’m still proud to be a New Orleans Saints fan, and happy they made it to the play-offs!

Pandora’s Jack Johnson playlist is bringing some tropical sounds into our chilly apartment.

By tomorrow morning, I’ll be wishing I could call in sick and do this all over again!

Snowy Hikes & Christmas Presents

Needless to say, I was right about “Wireless Wednesdays”: Chad was asleep by 8 pm and I finished the book I was reading. Not the most successful, but all that was missing was a plan. This week we are going to a used bookstore/coffeeshop/restaurant & wine bar on Wednesday night. My Chad can use his Christmas present: a Kindle. Yeah that’s right, we don’t wait for Christmas. Neither of us can stand it, every single day that the presents have been under the tree he has asked me if I want to open my present yet. He went first: tada! a Kindle! Then it was my turn: tada! a nook! Ha! We had essentially gotten each other the same thing! We will be married 5 years this coming May, but together almost 12 years, so I guess it’s about time that we started thinking alike. We returned the nook since it was purchased locally and easier to exchange.

Then we took off on a hike, it was a consolation hike to make up for the fact that I didn’t feel up to skiing/boarding. We stopped at The Pantry first, where I had a veggie sandwich and Chad had his first bison burger. He thought the burger was good, but lacked seasoning. I think everything lacks seasoning here-I need to keep some Tony Chachere’s in my purse!

Here’s pics from our hike in Green Mountain Falls.


This was our view while we ate lunch outside! It was a gorgeous December day here & the pond looks straight out of a miniature Christmas village!

The resident cat stalking Kerbey.

Kerbey REALLY wanted to play. Her whining got so loud & the cat just laid there, loving her tortured whimper. She did stop while chomping down the rest of the bison burger.

Flowing water under the ice at Catamount Falls.

This is the same view as this from our hike in October. It’s amazing how much different a hike can be with ice and snow on the ground! It was definitely more interesting crossing over the waterfall with ice, Chad had to carry the Kerbison. I wish I had gotten a picture of that!

On a side note, for all you yogis out there, is offering 40% off memberships. I’m thinking about signing up for the $5.95/month which allows 6 downloads and unlimited streaming.


This is our 3-year-old boxer, Kerbey

When she’s feeling fancy, she goes by her more formal name, Kerbison.

Ms. Kerbison

Let's get physical

She loves to be around us and join in all of our activities. She gets excited and turns in circles when she watches me putting on tennis shoes, because she knows we’ll be doing something fun. Likewise, if she sees me dressing up and getting my purse, she starts to pout and hold her head low.

She is obsessed with my yoga mat and feels the need to lay on it when I’m on the front of the mat in mountain pose, forcing me to step on her when I lunge back into warrior I.

Her downward dog is better than mine!

She has really been a trooper throughout our traveling adventure! We try to keep her as comfortable as possible, and we are lucky that she loves to take car rides. We make it a priority to keep her active and include her in our activities- she loves the beach, especially the sand.

Her favorite activities include: playing hide & seek with people or for treats, playing “keep away” with her bone, running, playing with any kind of dog (big or small), snuggling, and patiently waiting for the crust from the pizza. She loves spending time with her bestie, Smudge!

Kerbey trying to sleep while Smudge bathes