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As an occupational therapist working as a part of a multi-disciplinary team, I encounter some awesome people. Most are intelligent, motivated, and respected professionals; the rest are high-energy, creative, and hilarious! I am having such a great time with my work team right now, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s lunch hour!

Here are two videos from youtube about occupational therapy,  I think there was some kind of contest to make an OT rap.  You may have to be a therapist to truly enjoy them.




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I'm a traveler by nature; I love to explore and I get a rush from being in new places. Luckily, I found a job that allows me and my family to change locations every 3 months! Our new challenge is to keep moving on while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

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  1. OT humor! do you know these people? I think you and Kelli could beat them, better moves and lyrics. Ha! I did enjoy it, could relate to my profession as well.


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