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Cotton Candy Weekend!

This weekend was all about family friendly fun. Since my husband and I act like big kids most of the time, we had a great time! On Saturday night, we went to see the Cirque De Soleil tour, Alegria! It was amazing! I felt like a kid watching the performance. The lights & costumes were beautiful to watch, the music was perfect, but I was most impressed by the athleticism of the performers. They were absolutely amazing ! I was on the edge of my seat most of the show!

the stage before the show started

Flash photography was not allowed during the show, due to safety concerns for the performers. So I snapped this picture when we first sat down.



Cotton candy was completely necessary at intermission!

The show was amazing, but I will say tickets were pretty pricey ($39-$97 + tax).  I would say that the show was definitely worth the money, particularly because of the limited number of tour dates. After seeing Alegria (“jubilation”), I would love to see the Cirque De Soleil Vegas show.

Today we toured the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, CO. It’s the tallest suspension bridge in the world!

Check out the cables holding the bridge together. I should have taken a picture with my hand near it to show scale, they looked like they were about 16 inches wide!

View of the Arkansas River from the top of the bridge. It looks like a tiny line,  but this river is actually a popular rafting spot.

Thanks to our friends, Lisa & Zack, for spending a fun Sunday with us! We had a great time!


This weekend, I also bought the book, Crazy Sexy Diet By: Kris Carr. I love her blog, so I wanted to see what her book had to offer. I just started reading the first couple chapters, and she has definitely done her research. The book is not so much a “diet”, but more like a green eating lifestyle.


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