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Derby and Maize

This weekend we were happy to see some snow on top of Pikes Peak! We are sooo excited for snowboard season!

It looks cold, but it really wasn’t…not yet!

We decided to go to watch a roller derby double-header with some other therapists from my work. I have so much respect for those derby chics, they are hardcore! Some of them skated 2 bouts and Pikes Peak Derby Dames All-stars scored over 300 points! I would definitely have not just one, but two broken ankles, if I were out there.

Excited for Roller Derby

Slamazons vs. Punchy Brewsters

We were impressed by the creativity of outfits, and especially nicknames!


On Sunday, we finally made it to a CORN MAZE! If you want to know my history with corn mazes, you can read about it here. I have to say, maybe it was meant to be that we waited and went to a corn maze here in CO, because doggies were allowed! Yay! We went to Diana’s Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze in Canon City, CO.




We played the scavenger hunt in the maze and collected all the stamps for our card. We were definitely the only two adults there without children, unless you count Kerbey, and we definitely got dirty looks from some of the moms for pushing their kids out of the way to get to the stamps! Just kidding, nobody saw us pushing the kids. For the price of admission, we also got to pick any pumpkin from the patch! Bonus! I think I’m going to bring my pumpkin to work, recreational therapy is helping the patientsdecorate pumpkins all this week.












I know that for some pumpkin patches and corn mazes may seem a little childish and lame, and roller derby may seem gothic and violent, but I am a firm believer in the event is only what you make it. We had a great time at both and that’s what this whole traveling gig is about for us.

The weekend definitely put us in the Halloween/Thanksgiving spirit! Fall is my most favorite season! Seeing all those pumpkins really made me want some pumpkin pie, even though I’ve never really liked it before, maybe I’ll try it again this year.

(On a side note, my hubby is beside himself as he is watching footage of our New Orleans Saints’ horrendous game against Cleveland. After watching slow motion film, he is adamant that the  interception in the last 2 minutes of the first half by Bowens, was actually an incomplete pass that hit the ground. Not that this would have changed the outcome of the game, but for the record.)




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  1. What’s the message on the corn maze? Glad you got to see one after the disappointment of not in PA. Just goes to show good things come to those who are patient. Ha!


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