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Garden of the Gods

Today we decided to go exploring! After a strong cup of coffee from my new Italian percolator, we hit the trails. We have several friends familiar with the Colorado Springs area, and they have all mentioned that we need to visit Garden of the Gods. Today seemed like the perfect day, sunny with a high of 70 degrees.

Garden of the Gods is a National Natural Landmark here in Colorado Springs. It is a huge park with at least 8 miles of hiking & biking trails, and paved roads throughout. We only touched on a small part of the park and look forward to visiting again. The trails that we went on were short distance with some rough ground, but I was happy to learn that they have some trails accessible by wheelchair. The roads throughout the park are situated so that a driving tour would also allow for some great views, with a pull-off area for taking pictures at scenic points.

View of Pike’s Peak

Can you find the Kerbison? She blended in well with all the rocks.

Siamese Twins rock formation

View of Pike’s Peak from between the Siamese Twins rock formation

Climbing up while Kerbs had to stay on the ground, it was too slick for her paws.

Decent self timer picture.

Balancing Rock- 700 tons of rock balancing on a small platform.

Kerbey refused to help.

After a morning of hiking, we were starving, but wanted to continue to explore our new city. We headed to the East side of Colorado Springs, called Old Colorado City. In a word: awesome!

View from Colorado Avenue

View from our lunch spot, Jake and Telly’s Greek Taverna, where I ate an amazing veggie burger & tried french onion soup for the first time. I forgot I don’t really like onions, but the soup was so good, I ate about 1/2 of it.

Yep, they double-stacked the veggie burger, and that’s fresh basil  with melted provolone! I couldn’t finish all of it and couldn’t bear to leave it there on the plate.  This may have stolen the #1 veggie burger spot from my favorite place back home.

The area was decorated for “scarecrow days” and several local businesses were participating in a Halloween decoration contest. Fall is my all time favorite season! I love decorating for fall, and now that we don’t really have a yard or space,  I really appreciate public places that celebrate the holidays. Definitely a great first impression of our new town!


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I'm a traveler by nature; I love to explore and I get a rush from being in new places. Luckily, I found a job that allows me and my family to change locations every 3 months! Our new challenge is to keep moving on while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the Garden of the Gods! It is definitely my top choice in the Springs (tho I have many other favorites too). You guys have fun!

  2. Natalie would give you an “A” for the veggie burger picture, you made the onion soup look delicious!


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