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Let It Go

This post was supposed to be about the amaizing corn maze, but instead it can be about “the day I learned how to read a calendar properly”. We drove down to Amish country on Sunday, I was super excited! I mean, I’ve been thinking about this corn maze for 3 weeks! Well it turns out that I read the calendar wrong and it was not open on Sunday (or any Sunday for that matter, you mean that other Letter “S” on the calendar is Saturday?). To make matters worse, there was another corn maze that WAS open on Sunday, but we had to get there before they stopped selling tickets-and we left way to late for that (we were watching our New Orleans Saints get their only loss of the season).

The Mary of days past would have freaked out, screamed, cursed, and turned beet red after driving over an hour to a corn maze that wasn’t open. But the new, improved Traveler Mary is getting used to the unplanned. So, as soon as we turned around in the parking lot, I LET IT GO. Not just pretended to let it go, but really I did. It may have been easy this time because I had no one to blame but myself, or maybe because there were tons of Amish shops and food to explore!

I purposely did not take any “recognizable pictures” of any of the Amish people that we saw on the roads. I did some research and found out that they feel that taking a recognizable picture of them is making a graven image, or engraved image, which is cautioned against in The Bible in regard to idol worship. We did take notice that some buggies have battery operated blinkers, who knew?

It was really beautiful throughout all of Lancaster Country, I wished we had more time to explore the countryside. We looked through quilt shops, wine shops, produce stands, and ate at a real-life Smorgasbord! I only got the soup and salad menu, buffet style just wasn’t made for me, I’m just too picky-but my husband enjoyed it!

I will say there was also tons of outlet malls, miniature golf, and even a theme park, all that was really unappealing to me in such a naturally beautiful place.

We have 5 days left in PA then the trip back to La for a week to visit family and off to our destination for the next rotation- Colorado Springs!




About Mary @ Travel Sized Living

I'm a traveler by nature; I love to explore and I get a rush from being in new places. Luckily, I found a job that allows me and my family to change locations every 3 months! Our new challenge is to keep moving on while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

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  1. So proud of your flexability when plans change! You have had a great experience in this first venture of many, with many more to come!

  2. Chad makes a good looking Amish fella! Mary there’s too much gleam in them blue eyes for you to be Amish even with the bonnet!

  3. Hey Mary! Have been meaning to check out your blog for awhile as Kel was telling me about it. Realizing now that I failed miserably at providing a ‘to do’ list for erie…I”m sorry!!! So glad you made it to Lancaster area, and it seems lots of other places to. Have you been to New Wilmington? It is south of erie area, and has an amish community there, and is pretty country side. Ok I’m going to read through the rest of your blog now, and will try to stay more up on things. Hi to Chad, and talk to you soon!
    Love, Kel

    • Great to hear from you, Kelly! I hope you’re doing well! We are about to head out to Colorado, so our PA days are over for now. I thought about you guys often as we were driving down 79 and then over to Central PA. Thanks for the feedback on the blog! It’s so nice to be able to keep in touch, hope all is well with you and Matt!

  4. oh and by the way, your flexibility, and letting it go mentality is awesome. i’m going to keep that in my back pocket and will think of you the next time i run into a similar situation of frustration..your response was awesome.


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