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This is our last weekend in Central PA! We really wanted to check out Amish Country, south of us in Lancaster County. But we had one problem:

Kerbey has rendered her kennel completely useless. It was inevitable and we knew it was coming. Prior to making the large Kerbison-sized hole, she had been using her claws to unzip the opening, even after we had tied the zippers together. We did not want to leave her out in the guesthouse that we’re renting while we drove down to Lancaster. So, a trip to Petsmart was in order:We chose this kennel because the top and bottom half come apart and one sits into the other and it will fit like a turtle shell under our large Yakima bag that we carry on the back of the car (at least that’s what we’re hoping!). The only thing we don’t like about it is that there aren’t any holes in the top or the sides at the bottom. The husband will have to drill some, the next time we have access to a drill.

With Kerbey all set, we headed to Lancaster for a couple of hours. It really was a short trip, and I’m sad to say that we missed out on the main reason that I wanted to go,  The Central Market


source source

It’s a huge indoor farmers market with produce, dairy, baked goods, seafood…you name it. We were only 20 minutes too late-it’s open from 6 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. We walked around town which was a mixture of old historic buildings and more contemporary buildings, galleries, and storefronts. For some reason, I noticed a ton of barber shops and salons, hmmm.







We toured the visitor’s center, where admission is FREE, and learned all about the history of the printing press. Johannes Gutenberg was the first to standardize type and created the first version of the Bible in type. I got to try out a version of the original printing press, which was very labor intensive.

I love free education! We walked around a bit and found an Irish pub that was having an Oyster Fest with discounted beer. I ordered the oyster po-boy, knowing it would be nothing like what I could get back home. The sandwich they brought me did not even meet my already low expectations. It was the bread, it was the worst excuse for french bread that I have ever seen. But the Blue Moon draft was on special and I was happy to have a place to rest my feet.

Our trip to Lancaster was short, but we are finishing up our weekend with the day trip I’ve been waiting for!!!

Cherry Crest Corn Maze!!

We decided to go today, because it’s potato festival day at the farm! Yay! More pictures and posts to come!



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