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48 Hours in Erie

We just finished our rotation in Erie, PA. I wanted to look back and compile a list of “must-sees” in Erie, from an outsiders viewpoint.

Presque Isle State Park

Presque Isle is actually a peninsula that juts out into Lake Erie. It’s pretty large- more than 13 miles long. It has a long paved trail that runs the entire length, part of it is near the water, while most of it is shaded in wooded areas.

Presque Isle has multiple beaches, each with its own agenda. We were able to watch free concerts during summer, go swimming, and take the dog for a run in the sand.

Tom Ridge Environmental Center (TREC)

The TREC is located right at the beginning of Presque Isle. Admission is FREE! The center focuses on environmental building practices and demonstrates green design. The exhibits show local wildlife, history, and geology of Presque Isle. But in my opinion the number 1 reason to go to TREC is the tower and the view! Number 2 reason is the awesome cafe, full of vegetarian options!

Waldameer Park

The roller coaster in this picture is part of Waldameer Park. It’s the Ravine Flyer II. The best thing about Waldmeer Park is that it is a theme park that has FREE admission! Admission to the park is free, you can choose to pay per ride, or buy an all day pass for a little over $20. It’s a great deal for families.

Erie has quite a few great restaurants, most of them showcasing fresh seafood. Our favorites included: Smuggler’s Wharf (great outdoor seating) and The Pufferbelly (in an old firehouse). We also had great parks nearby that we visited nearly every day. Frontier Park and Liberty Park were the two standouts and there was always events  going on, from yoga to live music.


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