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Just STUFF it!

Out of the 3 Rs (you know, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), we have been most successful with Reducing our belongings and what we feel like we NEED on a daily basis. I am now learning the freedom that accompanies less STUFF.

My closet:

It seems like the focus has been on acquiring more things and better stuff, which in turn should make us happy? Isn’t that the idea? I remember when we bought our first home. I couldn’t wait to fill it with cute stuff; it was my personal mission to fill every blank shelf. I wanted a comfortable home that was eclectic and stylish. It was nice for a while, until I felt like acquiring more things was my second job, I NEEDED to go to Pier One to see what was new for the season. What started out as fun started to become a cause of stress.

Now that we are in more difficult economic times, it seems as if everyone is re-evaluating their needs (and maybe looking at all the debt that has accumulated with all that stuff)! Reducing the number of possessions that we own, as well as having a very specific limit for new items, has brought a new happiness to my life – one that lasts longer than that “buyer’s high” from the hot pink stilettos or deluxe belgium waffle maker. Now that we are limited to moving everything we own in one small car, we have to evaluate each new purchase much more closely. How many pairs of black pants do I REALLY wear? (the answer now is just one!) Luckily for me jewelry is small and easily packed, so I did get this bronze cuff bracelet from  an art festival.

I know, I know…but I was supporting local art! 🙂  Because it’s my only bracelet, I wear it often and appreciate it’s size and quality.

I thought I would miss my choice of 17 pairs of jeans (really, I had 17 at one time-those Goodwill people loved opening my bags!) or 20 dvds, but honestly, I don’t even think about what is missing-only what is there in front of me. Now that we have been doing this awhile; I can honestly say that I have a decreased desire for stuff.  There is less clutter, fewer choices for what to wear, and less wasted space and I like it that way!


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I'm a traveler by nature; I love to explore and I get a rush from being in new places. Luckily, I found a job that allows me and my family to change locations every 3 months! Our new challenge is to keep moving on while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

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