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Life Without a Full Length Mirror

It’s not the first thing that came to mind when thinking about what I would miss as I ditched most of my possessions. However, the absence of a full length mirror has been an adjustment. You see, in order to adopt this traveling lifestyle, my husband and I would have to store or sell a majority of our stuff; and the mirror didn’t make the cut.

Most women, whether they realize it or not, have a love/hate relationship with the mirror. I remember fondly a full length mirror that I shared with 3 other women in a college apartment- we called it “the skinny mirror”.  Something about that mirror made everyone look taller and thinner, also the lighting was terrible in that cramped hallway, which I’m sure covered some of the imperfections.  I also know the feeling of dreading the 360 degree dressing room mirror complete with fluorescent lighting that illuminates every bump.

Now that I have simplified my belongings into only what can fit into a Toyota Prius, I found that there is something liberating about not having the option of full length body reflection. I have found that I don’t obsess over how I look. I don’t change my outfit 5 times and end up settling on something that is completely uncomfortable. Going reflection-free from the shoulders down has taught me that I’m comfortable being and looking like myself-not a perfected version of me.


About Mary @ Travel Sized Living

I'm a traveler by nature; I love to explore and I get a rush from being in new places. Luckily, I found a job that allows me and my family to change locations every 3 months! Our new challenge is to keep moving on while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

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